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Open esports to players of your game with OnlineChampion's competitive software.

Every kind of competition that your users will love to get prizes, and with which your videogame business will grow. Without investing in your own development, without fees.

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What is OnlineChampion?

In 2012 we saw the early expansion of esports and we started to develop our products to offer a technology that would democratize the competitive experience for PC and mobile gamers, for videogame developers, or for brands that wanted to join the sector.

During 5 years we focused in creating our competitive gaming platform for PC gamers, available all over the world and with which we reached more than 500,000 registered users.

In 2020 we launched our last version to offer the best experience to our users, and we have organized events and competitions for different sector companies and companies not linked to it that want to join the esports movement, stremaing, content creation, and gamer audience.

In 2021 we launched OnlineChampion Network, a service for videogame studios who can integrate our technology, experience and custom SaaS in their games without having to develop any specific functionality to create the best competitions for their users

Gaming in numbers

Gaming in numbers

$159Bn market value

More market value than TV, music, film and other entertainment media combined

+9.3% YoY growth

Fast and sustained growth in the last two decades without prospect of slowing down

+1.52 billion of gamers

1/4 people in the planet play in one of its devices recurrently or casually

+6h weekly game time per gamer

A great opportunity for studios and brands to catch users attention

Gaming in numbers

Esports in numbers

$4.5Bn invested

By sector companies and investor groups in 2020 to make the sector grow

+15.7% YoY growth

The biggest sector in videogames, being the new digital entertainment for varied audience

+495M spectators

In 2020, competitions and broadcasts of their favorite players and teams kept going

+$1.7Bn in sales

Directly associated to the competitive sector

Our offer in the market, beneficial to gamers and companies

Our offer is based on providing competitive experiences to gamers through different products.

On one hand through our competitive platforms, on the other hand the integration into the OnlineChampion Network for mobile games for hundreds of developers that want to offer a unique competitive experience through our SaaS.

Whatever the case is, gamers can compete for real prizes while they play any of the games that use our technology. That way we turn videogames not only into an entertainment, but into a way for many to make the most of their game time.

On the other hand, our products and services allow companies not related to the gaming sector have a greater visibility in it offering custom competitions where they can establish themselves as a reference brand or linked to the demographic groups belonging to the sector.

Competitions in your game

OnlineChampion Network

Competitive gaming network for mobile devices

Gamers win real prizes for playing different games

Advertising for videogame developers as marketplace

Available for iOS and Android

Competitive SaaS for developers

Different competitions and modes for any kind of game

Custom-made for every kind of studio and games

Revenue-sharing payment model between the developer and us

Scalable in user volume and required needs

Gaming platform

Competitions for already existing games for hardcore gamers

Competitive meeting point, chat and interaction between gamers

Payment model of subscription, currency purchase and advertising

Available all over the world and in different languages



  • Market & Product

Prototype & testing

  • GrupBonanova funding
  • Events: Fees & rewards
  • Digital currency: Free & cash
  • API services

Start v2

  • Own framework & CRM
  • Scalable & multiplatform service
  • Esports competition
    • Automatic: API games
    • Manual: Any game

Release v2

  • Test & update
  • App games
  • Product improvement
Q1 2021

International release

  • B2B relations
  • More games & functionalities


  • B2B integrations
  • Investment round

We search investors to keep growing

After investing more than 1.7M euros in the development of our technology and products, now we are searching for investors that can add up to the project to keep OnlineChampion growing all around the world.

We will use all resources to increase our development and marketing teams, improve our products and the OnlineChampion Network, and especially advertise even more all our services and experiences to every gamer, brand and developer in the sector to increase our turnover.

Invest in esports like us

Do you want to see how your game and business would grow adding esports? Give us your information so we can show you!