OnlineChampion Network

Four business models, one win-win-win platform

We are looking for new players for our business team

Esports are growing every day. And our numbers too: more players, more games, more events, more partners, more development, more success stories, more experience, more benefits.

It is time to grow as a group as well. Do you want to join the game?

Yes, we are the clear example of the hero's path

We have shown that entrepreneurship, esports and success go hand in hand. And in OnlineChampion we have overcome with honors all the phases and challenges we have faced. This translates into an experience accumulated in so many hours of play, development and management that today can be measured in years. Our focus: the product.

Market and product analysis phase.
Prototype and testing. GrupBonanova financing.
V2 start
Competition development.
V2 launch.
SaaS enhancement.
Q1 2021
International launch. B2B kickoff.
Q2 2021
International Launch.
B2B start-up.

OnlineChampion Network: a solid and winning strategy

We diversify our knowledge in four areas focused on market trends in both B2B and B2C. OnlineChampion Network is in a prime position to design and explore the future of esports.

B2B - Developers

B2B - Developers

We integrate, in a fast and personalized manner, our competition and prizes system in all the games of developers who want to profit from esports.

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B2B - Management

B2B - Management

We offer a personalized consulting service to create all kinds of competitive events for brands and sport federations that want to expand their area of influence and visibility in the esports environment.

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B2C - Platform

B2C - Platform

We offer an experience that turns any game into an esport. And any player in a winner of virtual coins and real prizes.

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B2C - Marketplace

B2C - Marketplace

We facilitate access to competitive modes with real prizes for smartphone or tablet games. Our SaaS software allows you to compete against players from all over the world in the categories most in demand by users.

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We advise you in choosing according to your interests

The virtual currency system that creates community

In OnlineChampion we have two types of virtual currency that players earn in different game modes. This system has led to players joining us who want their playtime for fun to also bring them benefits.

OC Cash

OC Cash can be redeemed for real prizes.

Fun Coins

Fun Coin can be used for raffles and other benefits.

Products for OC Cash

Who doesn't want to play and win?

What has brought us this far?

We have been part of the expansion of esports from the very beginning. Our determination to democratize the competitive experience for both gamers, developers and brands seeking to connect with the sector, has made us a platform available worldwide.

6 years

Platform with 6 years of constant development.


Expert team in the sector.


Hundreds of tournaments created.


More than 1.7 million euros of investment.


Success stories from our partners.


Know-how in the implementation of competition modes.


Deep knowledge of the esports market.

This is our plan. And we want you to be a part of it

We are looking for investors to share our goal: to play without limits. In other words, we want OnlineChampion to grow worldwide, expand across the Internet, attract hundreds of new partners and conquer millions of players.

To achieve it, resources will be used for:


Increase our development team.


Strengthen our marketing team.


Perfect our products.


Optimize OnlineChampion Network.

More attractive

Make our services more attractive.


Improve the experience of gamers, brands and developers.


Increase turnover.

Do you want to join the game?

Gaming in numbers: Where virtual becomes real

Market value


The market value of gaming is greater than TV, music, film and other entertainment media combined.

Accelerated growth

+9.3% YOY

The accelerated and sustained growth in the last two decades with no prospect of slowing down.


+1,500,000,000 gamers

1/5 of the planet play on one of their devices on a regular or casual basis.

Weekly hours

+6h of weekly game time per gamer

A great opportunity for studios and brands.

Gaming in numbers

Esports in numbers: Where gaming becomes business



Investment only in 2020 by companies in the sector and investment groups.

Accelerated growth

+15.7% YOY growth

The largest in the video game sector, due to its variety of entertainment and audience.


+495M viewers

Followed the competitions and broadcasts of their favorite players and teams during 2020.


+12,125,529M€ in sales

Directly associated with the competitive sector.


Games network

Competitive gaming network for mobile devices.


Gamers get real prizes for playing various games.


Advertising for game developers as a marketplace.

Mobile devices

Available for iOS and Android.

Competitive SaaS for developers


Various competitions and modes for all types of games.


Customizable for bespoke use in all types of studios and games.

Payment model

Revenue-sharing payment model between the developer and us.


Scalable in terms of user volume and required needs.

Gaming platform


Competitions for existing games for hardcore gamers.

Payment model

Subscription payment model, purchase of currency and advertising.

Meeting point

Competitive, chat, and interaction meeting point for players.

Available worldwide

Available worldwide and different languages.