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Total value of prizes

Two coins

a universe of rewards and benefits

OC Cash

OC Cash

The main currency

What is it used for?

  • Register for OC Cash events
  • Play quick matches
  • Redeem them for great prizes

How to get them?

  • Win quick matches
  • Win OC Cash events
  • Buy them in our store
  • Go Premium
Fun Coins

Fun Coins

The free currency

What is it used for?

  • Register for Fun Coins events
  • Participate in raffles and get OC Cash

How to get them?

  • Win quick matches
  • Win Fun Coins events
  • Complete quests
  • Connect daily

Our games

Our game modes



Your next game in the game will count towards the event, win and climb up the rankings to win the prize.



Our quick match! We'll find you a random opponent of your level in OnlineChampion, who will win?



Challenge the OnlineChampion user of your choice.
The amount is up to you!



Sign up for our tournaments, win each game and move on to the next round until you reach the final.

Become Premium.

The Premium subscription gives you access to all these benefits:

OC League

Access to the League: Compete for the biggest prize on the platform.

Exclusive raffles

Participate in exclusive raffles.

Exclusive tournaments

Special tournaments.

Create your own tournaments.

Create your own tournaments.

Monthly extra

Receive 500 OC Cash and 3,000 Fun Coins monthly.

Daily reward

Earn daily OC Cash and Fun Coins rewards for logging in.

Priority technical support

Belong to the priority technical support service.

Cosmetic upgrades

Aesthetic improvements for your profile.

A single subscription
infinite chances to compete and win