Esports in your game app with OnlineChampion

Open esports to players of your game with OnlineChampion's competitive software.

Every kind of competition that your users will love to get prizes, and with which your videogame business will grow. Without investing in your own development, without fees.

Could it be better for your business?

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What is OnlineChampion?

Your gateway to esports in your mobile game. With OnlineChampion's SaaS API you can add competition functions for users of your game, where users can challenge each other and win real prizes. Making your game not only a entertainment, but the next competitive hit. Whatever the game is.

Our main functionalities are:

Competitions in your game

Competitions in your game

  • Enjoyable competitions between users of your game.
  • Matchmaking according to the players' skill, or manual, you decide.
  • Varied types of events, scoring systems and prize distributions.
  • Leaderboards and scoreboards to see who is the best.
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Real prizes for playing

  • Players win Fun Coins and OC Cash, the two currencies of OnlineChampion.
  • Exchange OC Cash currency for real prizes!
  • Use Fun Coin currency in raffles for prizes and many other benefits.
  • Play and win at the same time? What gamer wouldn't want to?
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Real prizes for playing
Easy to integrate SaaS

Easy to integrate SaaS

  • We are a SaaS service through API into your game.
  • Use only the functionalities you need and integrate them quickly.
  • Design your own style or use one of our integrated galleries.
  • Administration panel totally managed by you. Make your experience fit your needs!
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No fees. You win, we win too

  • No integration fee, no service fee.
  • We only share a % of the generated revenue between your team and ours.
  • If your game grows in competitions, your business grows and ours too.
  • You can use our service under a standard payment system.
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No fees. You win, we win too

Grow your business with esports...

Games that use our technology get better business results in every game experiece.

+47 minutes

Average session per user. More time in the game than others without competitive experience.

x3 sales

Games that use our solution turn over 3 times more than before thanks to new sales.

+19% retention

Recurrent competitions that will make your users stay in your game month after month and not in another one.

...and let your users love the experience

Users love competing and playing, even more with functionalities for that. Add them with our service!

Varied competitions

Leagues, tournaments, ladders... Your players won't run out of competitive options.

Live and deferred matches

Play against other players live, or compare your scores after you've finished your match.

Play = Win

Exchange accumulated coins for real prizes. We handle the delivery.

Know our games

Discover the games of the OnlineChampion Network that use our technology and our marketplace with hundreds of competitive experiences where you will get users without effort. Check how you will grow!