With OnlineChampion

  • Integrate your mobile game in our Marketplace
    and enjoy the advantages of our network.
  • As easy as adding a library.
  • Expand your game catalog to the Benefits mode.
  • Add esports to your metaverse.
  • Give your cryptocurrency a gamer outlet.
  • Play to earn? we have the technology.

OnlineChampion is the software that allows you to implement all kinds of competition modes between players.

Without investment in development and without cost!

Try the OnlineChampion demo in your game

We'll show you how by adding competitive features will make your profits grow. This data is the most important login for your game app.

Why OnlineChampion?

We are developers, just like you,
and we have created a system that adapts to your game, no matter what.

6 years

Years of development.


Expert team in the sector.


Hundreds of tournaments created.


Monetization from the very beginning.

Own platform

Proprietary platform with visibility for your game.


Know-how in the implementation of competition modes.


Knowledge of the gamer user experience.

From entertainment to esports

Your users will have access to profiles, statistics, missions, levels and much more. Your business will reach new heights of success.

They can compete for points, for coins or for whatever you decide.

We help you unlock the maximum level for your game.

From entertainment to esports.

Game Modes: Your new allies

OnlineChampion allows you to include the most popular game modes. It is one of the advantages of having a team with playing hours counted in years.


Various competitions between users.


Matchups based on skill or manual mode.


Leaderboards and
prize distribution tables.


Monetize your video game experience

Create tournaments where players win and you win

The personalized competitions of our tournament module will allow you to monetize your game from the registration and in a very simple way.

Tournaments without participant limit and with real or virtual prizes.

Elimination format tournaments.

You will have a personalized image, automated management, notification and much more.

We advise you in choosing according to your interests

Winning is winning. gamer word

At OnlineChampion we have created two types of currencies that players earn in different game modes. And we are the ones who take care of the prize delivery!

OC Cash

Redeem OC Cash for real prizes.

Fun Coins

Use Fun Coins to participate in prize raffles.

OC Cash Products

Easy to integrate SaaS

We develop with your development in mind. We are a Saas service via API with your game.

You can use the features that interest you most and quickly integrate them, design your own style or use one of our integrated galleries. And of course, the admin panel will be fully managed by you.

Give them access to play and win at the same time.

Where the game turns into numbers

ZERO rate

Neither the integration nor the use of our services has a cost.

Distribution ÷ 2

Your team and ours, nobody else, share a % of the generated sales.


The more competitions you implement, the more your business and ours will grow.

1 = 100

Your users will use a standard currency.
1€ - 100 OC Cash

What you get with OnlineChampion

Developers who already enjoy our service get better business results.

+47 Minutes

Average session per user when integrating competitive experience.

X3 Sales

Triple billing than before using our service.

+19% Retention

Recurring competitions retain players month after month.



Leagues, tournaments, ladders... Different competitive options.

Live and async games.

Live and async games.

Play live or with scores after the game.

Play = win

Play = win

Virtual coins are converted into real prizes.

Available games