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Create your own tournaments

  • Create the event with the features of your choice: game, registration, participants, prize*.
  • Get a percentage of the registrations.
* The prize will be deducted from your OC Cash and Fun Coins wallet.
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OC League

Access to the OC League

As long as you are Premium you will earn points for the OC League with all your games in OnlineChampion. You will be able to win the highest OC Cash prize on the platform.

Monthly pack of OC Cash and Fun Coins

Every month, as long as your subscription is active, we gift you 500 OC Cash and 3,000 Fun Coins.

Monthly pack
Daily rewards

OC Cash and Fun Coins daily reward

Get 50 OC Cash and 8,320 Fun Coins every week just for logging in. Normal users do not receive OC Cash 😳.

Exclusive raffles for premium users

Get better prizes and more OC Cash.

Exclusive raffles
Icon and avatar

Profile icon and avatar exclusive to premium users

Stand out from other users with a ispecial iconi in the chat and a special avatar in your user.

Priority support

Our customer service team will answer your doubts, problems and tickets with priority for being PREMIUM user.

Priority support

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