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  • Access to the OC League

    Access to the OC League with huge OC Cash prizes.

    You can win points with every match while you are subscribed.

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    The first day of every subscription month you will get 500 OC Cash and 3.000 Fun Coins.

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    Get 30 OC Cash and 1.150 Fun Coins every week only by logging in each day, compared to 0 OC Cash and 230 Fun Coins from a regular user.

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    Use your Fun Coins in exclusive raffles only for PREMIUM users and win incredible prices like OC Cash totally free.

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    Stand out among other users with an exclusive icon in the chat and a unique avatar frame in your user, visible in the whole platform.

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    Our customer service team will answer your doubts, problems and tickets with priority for being PREMIUM user.

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  • Jugar partidas Ranked
  • Play Versus matches
  • Participar en Rankeds
  • Participate in the OC League
  • Monthly pack of OC Cash and Fun Coins
  • Basic weekly Fun Coins reward
  • Extra weekly Fun Coins reward
  • Weekly OC Cash reward
  • Participate in free raffles
  • Participate in exclusive raffles
  • Exclusive icon in the chat
  • Exclusive badge in the platform

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