Our SaaS adds competition, gamification, and monetization to any entertainment platform

What does OnlineChampion offer you?

  • Esports: Create and manage balanced competitions for any game.
    Matchmaking, tournaments, duels, leagues, rankings, and arcades.
  • Gamification: Integrate gamified services without programming.
    Statistics, chats, levels, missions, drawings, and automatic evaluation.
  • New Business Models: From commission-based fees to premium memberships using customizable currencies.

Leverage OnlineChampion's esports and gamified SaaS to accelerate your digital product.

Try OnlineChampion's technology

We bring esports to your products. Why?

  • Improve user retention.
  • Increase user time spent.
  • Optimize user engagement.
  • Boost conversion rates.
  • Skyrocket revenue.
From entertainment to esports.

Why OnlineChampion?

OnlineChampion SaaS isn't just another tool; it's the industry's best.


Engage and captivate your audience: Create interactive, fun experiences with automatic esports events, matchmaking, and tailored preferences.


Unlock new revenue opportunities: Leverage OnlineChampion's suite of tools for customizable virtual currencies, revenue models, and commission-based options to maximize profitability.

Own platform

No-code solution: Seamlessly integrates with your existing API, saving development resources and technical expertise.


Fully legally compliant solution: OnlineChampion ensures legal adherence, safeguarding your business and creating a secure, trusted environment for your users.


Proven model to scale the community quickly: OnlineChampion's community has achieved over 225,000 engaged users and over 2 million game sessions in less than 2 years, catering to a broad customer audience.

Customizable currencies

Link your currencies to your store, missions, or event fees and raffle tickets.

OC Cash

Do you want your users to play with real cash?

Are you looking for an expansion for your metaverse or your crypto?

Fun Coins

Looking for gamification to engage without cash?

You decide what type of coin suits better your platform.

OC Cash Products

Easy to integrate SaaS

Every client of our SaaS has their databases isolated and independent from the rest.

You will be able to use the functionalities you are most interested in and integrate them quickly.

Manage all services from your administration panel, including incidents, events, users, and more.

What you get with OnlineChampion

+47 Minutes

Average session per user when integrating competitive experience.

X3 Interactions

Three times more interaction than before using our services.

+19% Retention

Recurring competitions retain players month after month.



Leagues, tournaments, ladders... Different competitive options.

Live and async games.

Live and asynchronous games.

Play live or with scores after the game.

Play = win

Play = Win

Virtual coins are converted into real prizes.

Our technology works with any game