Welcome to the esports division of your organization

  • At OnlineChampion we offer you a turnkey service.
  • We create tournaments and all kinds of competitions.
  • We take care of consulting, deployment and all the management.
  • You will receive all event reports and impacts.

Place your brand in the most projected environment!


Enter the world of esports

Our team has 6 years of experience turning organizations into active players in the esports business.

We take care of the strategic design, infrastructure and execution of the event with the know-how acquired in hundreds of events created with our own platform and the development of our own competition modes.

What organization can be in the world of esports? Yours

If you want to broaden your target and secure the next generations of users, create new contact channels, surprise your audience, extend your influence in the digital environment... at OnlineChampion we have the solution that adapts to your brand.

We help you unlock your maximum level.

  • We turn you into a protagonist, advertiser or sponsor.
  • Lead and lay the foundation for sports digitization.
  • Expand your company into the virtual competition environment.
  • We create your tournaments and championships.
  • We develop private events.
  • We use the video game that best suits your objectives.
Join esports

Tailor-made esports for your users

At OnlineChampion we are experts in hosting competitions according to the most demanded features and to trends that best satisfy the user experience. We create events from any existing game!


Different competitions between users.


Matchups based on skill or manual mode.


Leaderboards and scoring systems.

More attractive

Special, seasonal, themed events.


Bespoke award distribution..

We advise you on the choice based on your interests.


Welcome to
the esports division
of your organization.

What organization can be in the world of esports?

We create customized tournaments
for your company.

Get into esports

Video games that guarantee the success of your event

If you want a game that we don't have on the platform we will add it for you.

Tailor-made service with full flexibility

At OnlineChampion we take care of all the processes to connect players with the most suitable event.

Why esports?

Discover the data that makes esports the most attractive option for organizations in all industries and around the world.

+71% Investment

Brands increased their investment in esports in Spain in 2021.

5.5 Millions

Fans in Spain

57% Men

Percentage of male gamers in Spain

43% Women

Percentage of female gamers in Spain

1,747 Millions

In Euros, the consumption of video games in Spain in 2020.

Top 10 Billing

Spain among the countries with the highest turnover.

Universal esports principles

Safety and well-being

Safety and well-being

Safety and well-being


Positive and enriching gaming experience

Positive and enriching gaming experience

Fair play

Fair play

Respect and diversity

Respect and diversity