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How can I get prizes?
You can redeem your OC Cash in the Rewards section of the menu. There are digital prizes and physical prizes.
When do I receive the prizes?
The delivery time will depend on several factors:
  • The delivery of digital prizes is relatively fast.
  • The delivery time of physical prizes will depend on your place of residence.
Prizes can take up to 60 days to arrive.
Who pays for the shipping costs?
The user will pay for the shipping costs and customs fees, if there are any.
Can I track my prizes?
You can check the status within the My Prizes section.
Every time the status of the prize is updated, we will send you an email.
What prizes are there?
There are different types of prizes, including everything from digital cards, transfers, hardware and lots more that we add to our market. You can find them in the Prizes section of the menu.
I have a problem with my prize
For any problems, you can contact us by email or create a ticket from the side menu.


What are raffles?
Raffles are used to win prizes. The more Fun Coins you use, the greater your chances of winning. You can see your probability of winning and that of everyone else within each raffle.
How can I participate?
To participate, you just have to use the Fun Coins to increase your chances of winning. The more Fun Coins you use, the greater your chances of winning.
What is my probability of winning in a raffle?
You can see your probability in the table of each raffle. It will depend on the number of Fun Coins that you and the rest of the participants use.
How do I know the winners of a raffle?
You can check the winner at the end of the raffle. If you've won, we'll notify you.
What is raffled off?
There are different raffles, from OC Cash to physical prizes. Find out in the Raffles section.
Why can I not participate in the Premium raffles?
To participate in some of the (Premium) raffles you need to have an active Premium subscription. You will be able to participate in the raffle for as long as you are Premium. If you cancel your subscription, your participation in the raffle will remain valid, but you will not be able to make new contributions of Fun Coins to increase your chances of winning.

Daily reward

What is the daily reward?
It is a reward we give you every day for entering OnlineChampion.
How does it work?
Every day that you log in consecutively to OnlineChampion you will receive a Fun Coins bonus that will progressively increase each day. If you don't log in one day you will go back to day 1 regardless of the day you log in.
Premium users will receive Fun Coins on the first 5 days and OC Cash on the last 2 days.
What do you receive?
Fun Coins for standard users and OC Cash for Premium users.
Why do I have to start over if I don't log in one day?
Because the daily reward is intended to reward our most loyal users.
Is the daily reward different for Premium users?
Yes, Premium users receive an extra amount of Fun Coins the first 5 days and OC Cash during the last 2 days.

Affiliates program

What is the affiliates system?
It is a program that rewards OnlineChampion users who get another user to register or make a purchase.
How does it work?
Each user will have a link for their profile to get new users to register. You will also have a purchase code for other users to make OC Cash purchases or become Premium.
For each user you get to sign up with your link, you both get Fun Coins. If you get a user to buy or become Premium using your code, you both get OC Cash.
The more users you get to register, buy OC Cash or become Premium, the higher your bonus will be.
What do I get?
For each user you get to register with your link, you both get Fun Coins. If you get a user to buy or become Premium using your code, you both get OC Cash.
How can I level up?
To level up and get more bonuses you have to get several users to register with your link, buy or subscribe with your code. For each user who registers, you will get 10 points to level up, for each user who becomes Premium 500 points and for each OC Cash purchase made by another user with your code, you will get 50 points for each Euro used. You will need a total of 1,000 points to reach level 2, 2,500 points to reach level 3, 5,000 points to reach level 4 and 10,000 points to reach level 5.
How many times can my code and link be used?
Your code and link can be used by as many users as you want but each user can only use them once.
How many codes can I use?
You can only use a single link to register and a single code to buy OC Cash or become Premium.
Where do I find my code and link?
You can find your code and link in the Invite a friend section.
I have a code, where can I redeem it?
You will need to go to the OC Cash store or the Premium section and enter the promotional code in the area designated as "Promotional Code". As soon as you click Apply the code will be applied to you.