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Settings and Help

Linking an Account

How can I link an account?
From the Game Accounts section of your profile. Choose the game you want to play, click log in with your game account and it will automatically be linked to our platform.
Error linking account
If you've encountered any type of error, you can send us an email at mail or create a ticket from the side menu.
Why do I have to link my account?
By linking your account with our platform, we can obtain the results of your matches automatically.

Profile and Personal Data

How can I subscribe to Newsletters?
You can subscribe to any of our newsletters from your profile in the Settings section.
How can I unsubscribe from newsletters?
You can unsubscribe from any of our Newsletters from your profile in the Settings section.
How do I change my password?
You can change the password from your profile in the Settings section.
How do I change my username?
You can't change your username.
I've forgotten my username or password
Follow the password recovery process that appears in the user login window.
How can I know which personal data of mine you have?
In the personal data section of your profile, you can see all the information we have about you.


How can I report a cheater?
To report a cheater, you have to go to the "Support" section and create a ticket with the subject "Report a user/cheater".
How can I report an incident?
To report an incident, you have to go to the "Support" section and create a ticket.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us in different ways:
  • By creating a ticket to report an incident, bug, users/cheaters, or problems in general. We also like to hear your suggestions!
  • Through the Support Chat: For your most urgent problems.
  • By email: For problems that require priority attention.
How can I know the status of my tickets?
You can track the status of your tickets in the "Support" section of the side menu.
What kind of tickets can I create?
There are different types of tickets:
  • Bugs
  • Users/cheaters
  • Problems with the purchase of OC Cash
  • Problems with the market and prizes
How can I see my tickets?
You can see the tickets you have created from the "Support" tab in the side menu.