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RankedLadder OC #28

ID: 4528220
19 players
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How does Ranked work? +info
  • After clicking on play the game will open directly.
  • Play and make your best score. In less than 48h your rival will score.
  • In PacMan you must eat all the dots on the screen while escaping from the ghosts. Use to move.
  • You will win: Fun Coins, Ranked points and OC League points if you are Premium.

How does Ranked work?

  • Each game has an entry fee.
  • Add points with every match you win and climb the leaderboard.
  • The prize pool will be shared among the first qualifiers.

How do I play?

In PacMan, you must eat all the points on the screen while escaping from ghosts. Use to move around.